Body armor is usually a heavy piece of cloth meant to accommodate ballistic defense protective panels which are supposed to give wearer protection against ballistic hits. The outer protective components are normally put into pockets located on the vest’s exterior and placed on top of the wearer’s body. Once these components are there, they can’t be removed, unless the user dismounts and disatches the item. This is one of the primary differences between body armor and bulletproof vests. Bulletproof vests are usually made out of thick nylon, making it hard for a bullet to penetrate. As such, the only real way to defeat a bullet is by making the wearer or the assailant suffocate, thus giving the police or some other law enforcer time to take the suspect into custody.

However, many police departments have been trying to improve upon this technology by creating bulletproof vest with steel mesh inserts which supposedly increase the amount of protection a bulletproof vest offers. The problem with these vest models, however, is that they cannot be worn by regular people who don’t want to deal with all the hassle of putting the vest on, removing it, and taking it off after every shot. They are also very impractical for those who don’t want to carry around a large amount of equipment for the same reason. Manufacturers, therefore, have taken note of these shortcomings and have developed solutions by creating the bulletproof vest with a steel plate carrier that attaches to the upper back part of the wearer’s vest.

These body armor plate carriers provide more than adequate protection to the wearer, but don’t have the bulk and weight that some other vest models have. Some vest manufacturers, on the other hand, have taken the time to convert their designs to fit for regular people. There are bulletproof vest models available that can be worn by anyone. Manufacturers have also invested a lot of money into making the body armor more breathable. This has helped improve the comfort level for many people while improving the lifespan of the body armor.